It is with extreme sadness of heart that I announce the death of my beloved Cosette, today, June 26 , 2006 at 11:20 a.m. She was 15 years old. Born May 10, 1991 as Glycine of De Dutto in Rennes, France. My first female Coton de Tulear. It was love at first sight and continued until this day,15 years later. Inspired by the lead character in Victor Hugo's Les Miserables, Cosette won the heart of everyone she met including her mate, Marius who is looking for her at this moment.

She deteriorated right before my eyes. She lost the use of her legs, could not eat, looked at me with those big, beautiful eyes of hers as if saying "HELP ME DADDY" so today, after spending a sleepless night with her injecting fluids into her weak body,I gave her her last bath, wrapped her in her favorite blanket, took her to the vets, a limp mass of Coton hair and body and helped to inject the serum that stopped her heart. She died with her eyes open, looking at me with those loving eyes as if saying "THANK YOU, DADDY" I am at peace.

She will always remain in my heart.

My Beautiful Cosette
Cosette and Chloe
Cosette and Mandarine dressed for Halloween
My beautiful Cosette My first Coton
Ponine, Gavy, Marius and Cosette--all deceased
My first Cotons-Lili, Marius, Ponine and Cosette--all deceased
Cosette, Lili, Ponine and Marius at the UMass stadium
August 1991 Cosette's first day in Amherst, Mass

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Fanny of Marius and Cosette

 Fanny 004

 I still cry reading this from Fanny's owner of 15 years.

Well, today is May 1, 2010 and she’s gone, but I can’t believe it.  Fanny was the daughter of Marius and Cosette.  From the moment they met, Marius and Cosette knew they were meant for each other and the puppies that they brought into the world were healthy, full of life, and had wonderful personalities.  Fanny was healthy all of her life until about a year ago when the specialists discovered that she had heart valves that were failing due to old age and her heart was leaking severely.  When I took her back to the specialist about 3 months ago, he told me then that the leakage had increased significantly and that she was definitely on a downhill slide. 


Fanny was too smart for her own good and when she discovered that I was hiding medicine in her food and treats, she began to dissect everything that was given to her to root out the pills.  We then had to resort to transdermal medicines from a compounding pharmacy, which meant shaving a spot on the back of her neck for the application.  She accepted that method of medication and they seemed to work well.  However, she continued to decline and she was very tired and had horrid bouts of diarrhea and vomiting.  By the time she died, she was on 8 medicines, some for her heart, some for her liver, and some for the vomiting and diarrhea. 


We met Jim on the grassy mall in Washington, DC at a rare breed dog show.  Our last dog had died 2 years prior and my husband wanted another dog like her.  The problem was that the dog that had died at 15 years old was a mutt and we didn’t know exactly what her lineage was.  So, we set off on an adventure to find a dog that looked somewhat like her.  We walked onto the mall and the first dogs that my husband spotted were Jim’s dogs and it was love at first sight.  We talked to Jim for quite a while at the dog show and kept talking to him after he returned to Massachusetts.  Jim is absolutely amazing and he knows what each puppy will be like when it grows up.  We had told Jim what we were looking for and he was watching for the right puppy.  Finally, about a year later, he called to say that he had the perfect puppy for us and he was absolutely right!  Jim and we each drove half way between Washington, DC and Massachusetts and Jim placed the warm, adorable puppy in our arms.  Fanny was absolutely the perfect dog for us and we were crazy about her!


Fanny loved to go for rides in the car with us!!  Like her parents, she was an excellent traveler.  I still remember when we brought Bailey home as a companion for her.  Fanny was 3 years old and not sure that she wanted a companion.  Jim helped us find the new puppy as none of his puppies were what we were looking for, he said.  When we brought Bailey home, she went running over to Fanny who bared her teeth and growled.  Bailey looked up at her and then proceeded to lick her teeth.  That was the end of Fanny attempting to be “tough”.  As Bailey got a little older, the two of them were inseparable and always together.  As they aged, Bailey became blind from an adrenal disease and very much depended on Fanny.  Fanny would touch noses with Bailey and then Bailey would follow her around the house or wherever they were.


Fanny was a constant companion for my husband and she died 8 years (almost to the day) after he died.  Fanny mourned for my husband for about 6 weeks after he died.  At first, she kept running to the door whenever she heard a car or a noise – she was wearing herself out looking for him.  A friend of my son suggested that we take her to the funeral parlor and let her see for herself what happened to my husband and that this would help her understand that he didn’t just abandon her.  It worked and while she did mourn, she never again looked for him.


Fanny was a wonderful companion and she got me through my husband’s sudden death.  If it hadn’t been for her and Bailey, I don’t know what I would have done.  I wanted Fanny to live forever, but I knew that to keep her alive longer than I did would have been very selfish.  She was ready, but it was me who wasn’t.  I held her in my arms and cried while they administered the medicine that would end her life.  Losing her was especially difficult because she was a living link to my late husband.  When she died, it was not only losing a great dog, but it was like losing my husband all over again. 


Now, I will wait for her ashes..  Bailey and I will mourn and move forward in time without our beloved Fanny.  

 Honee   daughter of Marius and Cosette   Passed July 2012

 September 17_Honee_portrait


September 13_Honee



Precious puppy

Happy and loving

A therapy dog

Bringing smiles and comfort

To the children she visited

She was a joy and always will be

A very treasured memory

To be held forever in our hearts.

 Myrna and David Sanders



Eulogy for Coco Farrell

Passed September 2, 2012

Today we return to his maker, our loving and loyal friend and family member, Coco. A little over fourteen years from the happy day when he entered our lives. Coco was the son of Marius and Lili, and also a member of Jim Luippold’s Coton family. A family to which Coco added twelve beautiful puppies during his life. We are sure his spirit will live on in his sons and daughters and their offspring, as they make their adopted families as happy as Coco made ours.

I still remember the day that I met Coco when he was only five weeks old. I remember there were seven puppies at Jim’s that day and I remember bonding specifically with Coco. And even though I did not get to choose, somehow by fate, Coco ended up being the puppy that was going to come home with our family at twelve weeks. I remember going out to pick him up with Jackie and Bobby and Mom, needless to say it was love at first sight.

Our family never had a dog before so we kind of figured stuff out along the way, but despite our mistakes, Coco grew into a great dog. So loving and loyal, always just wanting to be with us, that was all he asked for, that and lot’s of snacks. He made us all so happy to just be with him, and our love for him continued to grow throughout the years.

Even when we threw Coco a big curveball by bringing him home a little stepbrother, Leo, Coco adapted and accepted Leo into our family. He adjusted so well, tolerating Leo’s puppy-ness, and later his Leo the Lion behavior. I hope that Leo has learned a few things from you Coco; I think he did learn loyalty and staying close to us from you.

We also know how much you Coco loved us by seeing the brave fight that you put up in battling your congestive heart failure. We know how tired and out of breath you would get, but that would not stop you from following us from room to room to stay close to us, or coming to the door to happily greet us when we came home. We really don’t know how you did it for so long, but we know you loved us, and I believe you knew we love you.

There are so many great things I could say about Coco, but I will close this with the words he heard me say so many times, and I always meant it:

You are a good boy, you are a loyal boy, and you are a very handsome boy!

And we love you and we are going to miss you greatly. But hopefully we will see you again one day, and until then we hope that you rest in peace, with us in your hearts, as you will be in ours.