I have an in- and- out door for the dogs to go out into my fenced-in backyard. I received a nasty note from my neighbor saying that my dogs were driving him crazy with their barking while I was at work. I had them on the back porch at the time. I told him that it was impossible that the dogs could be out back because I had blocked the in- and- out door! He assured me that the dogs were indeed out in my backyard barking at him while he was gardening.
The next morning I left for school early, parked my car at the end of the street and snuck into my kitchen without my dogs hearing me. I didn't believe what I saw! 'Ponine worked on the barrier for about 10 minutes before she finally had lifted it about eight inches with her snout and the dogs all went out to play . I made a noise and they all came back running in through the in- and- out door to see who was in the house.'Po looked around to see if I was looking and promptly shut the barrier with her snout! She was so proud of her accomplishment! She had been doing that for weeks! I showed my neighbor what she had done but he didn't see the humor in it!


When I go shopping I leave the dogs in the car for not more than 10 minutes. One day I met a friend in the supermarket and talked for about 15 minutes with her. When I arrived at the check out counter I could hear a horn blasting and thought that somebody had problems with their horn. When I left the supermarket I noticed a crowd of about 10 to 15 people around my car. I ran to see what was the matter and there was Marius with his paws on my steering wheel honking the horn! He was upset that I had taken so long in the supermarket. The people congratulated me on training my dog to honk the horn. I thanked them but it was Marius who learned how to do it all by himself. He's the only one of my dogs who will do this and has repeated his performance many times much to the glee of the passersby and the embarrassment of his owner!


I spent the month of July in Aix-en-Provence, France and let my house and dogs to wonderful house sitters. But eight dogs proved too much for them and the neighbors complained about excessive barking while the sitters were working. I meditated in a small chapel in Aix about the problem and a clear message came to me--get a few of them out of the house! I called my good friends Cathy and Katherine in Connecticut who have the beautiful Gabrielle and asked them if they could go up to Amherst and get a few dogs. They were willing to dog sit and drove up to Amherst to get 5 of the dogs. I received a phone call from Cathy at 1:30 a.m. France time and she told me to sit down because she had some news. I of course thought that something had happened to my dogs and was expecting the worse. She told me that she left Amherst with FIVE dogs and arrived in Connecticut with NINE dogs. I didn't understand. She told me that Lili had 4 pups in the back seat of her car just as they were pulling into their parking lot and had to keep the car running until she finished.
Lili had been on the pill for 17 days in May and I did not even know that she was pregnant. It was a small miracle because she might have had them in my cellar where it is quite cool and the house sitters may never have found them! Yes, there is high energy with mdogs. Thank you HIGHER POWER and a big THANK YOU to Cathy and Katherine for being there for me and my dogs.