Wednesday, July 16, 2007

It is again with trembling fingers that I write to announce the death of one of my first Cotons. Marius passed away today at 12:40.p.m. in my arms at my vets office. He had been fighting arthritis for the past year and never was the same after Cosette died last year. He lost weight , his hair became scraggly and he started to sleep a lot. His eyes were glassy but even until Monday July 14, Bastille day, he was able to sit by my side hoping to get a piece of the treat that I was training the puppies with. He always got a taste of those treats. He was 15 years old. I took him to the vets this morning because he fell down when I put him out on the grass for him to do his duty.
He was very weak, vomiting and I knew that it was the end.I brought him to the vets at 8:45a.m., asked my vet to feed him some medication intravenously, left him there under my vets care, returned home to wash Dove, went to the Registry of Motor Vehicles to sponsor a Japanese couple who was going for their drivers' licences and at 11:40a.m. on my way home I had a strong feeling that I should stop off at the vets office to see how Marius was doing.
When I arrived, an assistant carried him out to me. He was wrapped in a green towel and his head was limp. His eyes were all glassy. I sat with him for 45 minutes, rocking him, humming songs from Les Miserables where his name came from , hugged and kissed him while massaging his stomach and legs. He looked as though he was having trouble breathing. He lifted his head as if to say good-bye, a deep sigh emitted form his throat, his head flew back, his tongue came out of his mouth and his heart stopped. I rubbed his belly and for a moment, his head shook, his heart started to beat again, only for a moment and then he was gone.
Born April 7, 1992 as Highlander de la Draille des Cailloux in Valence, France.
I bought Marius for Cosette when I was staying in La Grande Motte in France. I took the train to Valence, met his breeder Mme Perrier in the park in front of the railroad station, took the train back to La Grande Motte with Marius tucked in my travel bag , spent the night and returned to Massachusetts the next day with Cosette's mate.
Marius! The second of a series of three plays by Marcel Pagnol ( Fanny , Marius and Cesar) and the name of the handsome student who falls in love with Cosette in Victor Hugo's Les Miserables. What better name for Cosette's mate!!!
He was a great dog. Faithful to me 'til the end and he LOVED Cosette. The two of them were a real crowd pleaser and so much fun at home.
The house is very quiet tonight. The dogs are all sleeping around my computer desk where Marius used to lay down. They howled at the door when I came home crying. I sat with them for an hour and hugged them all. They let out such an incredible chorus of whimpering amd howling that my neighbor called to see if I was all right.
I will miss my Marius. He had a good life here with me.
Your spirit and Cosette's will always be with me, Marius.

Marius at the in and out door
Cosette and Marius
Je m'appelle moi, Cosette