August 15,2020




Sorry but my waiitng list for our October litter is


full at the moment. We hope to have 2 litters by


early November with pups available in January


2021 or later.  








you will need to fill out the questionnaire about


you and your family before I accept to work with you.


I have stated on


my home page that I am no longer working with people with a toddler


due to instances that have arisen where I had to buy a puppy back


because the pup became too much for the mother of the house to


manage.Children over 5 years old are Ok!


Also, if you work and plan to have a nanny in charge of the puppy, or


intend to leave the dog alone for more than 3 hours a day with someone


coming in to check up on the puppy,


do not bother to inquire.


If you are a high school or college student hoping to get a Coton, go




If you do send me a deposit, $150, and drop off the list, I will only refund


you $50 and donate the rest to rescue.






Questionnaire for Jim’s Cotons


I would like to know you a little better. Could you please fill out this questionnaire and send me the answers via your email to  



Thank you!



Town and State you live in.________________________________________________________









Are any of your family members smokers?




Do you live in a house or apartment/condo/co-op/townhouse?






Is your home close to a street with a lot of traffic?




Do you have a fenced-in back yard?




Do you plan to spend time away from home and the puppy on a daily basis if you get one of my puppies? Please explain who would be taking care of /him/her in your absence.








Do you have other pets in your home? If yes, please indicate breed and age of pet .



How did you first find out about the Coton de Tulear breed?






Why are you interested in owning a Coton de Tulear?



How do you feel about the Coton breed being taken to the AKC?







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